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Association des Journalistes Haitien Freelance Tête Ensemble is a collective of grassroots citizen journalists based in Camps Acra and Adoquin,  home to 30,000.  Survivors of the January 12, 2010 earthquake began arriving at the camp area almost immediately after the earthquake. At that time it was just an empty piece of scrub land.  It is now 4 and half years and residents remain.   

In February 2014 members of CHAL and Chanjem Leson came together and decided to create a collective of citizen journalists to report on the issues that affect our daily lives: housing, rehabilitation, employment, market traders / street vendors, police harassment, daily conditions in the camp as well as our own activism in the camp through CHAL and Chanjem Leson.   At Present there are 3 members, [Jean Wesley, Serge Supre, Perrin Makendy] although at the moment only two Serge Supre and Perrin Makendy have cameras phones and these are quite basic as can be seen from some of the photos. Occasionally they have been able to borrow a digital camera which has made a huge difference.

In order for the collective to improve their reporting and photographic skills, the group needs 6 digital point & shot or DSLR cameras plus training.  For more on how you can support the collective visit their Facebook page here

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