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Friday 25th September AM – Members of the Delmas BRICOR shot three people on the street outside Camp Acra by the Shalom church. One of the women, CARLENE JEAN,  was shot dead as she passed the street on the way to the main road to collect one of her children from school. She is survived by 6 children one of whom is a baby of 6 months. Two other people were shot and injured, an elderly woman and her grandson and are both in hospital.

Young boy who was shot by the BRICOR along with his grandmother

Young boy who was shot by the BRICOR along with his grandmother

Following the shooting camp residents gathered to protest against the BRICOR who regularly harass street vendors, and shoppers on the streets of Delmas and other parts of Port-au-Prince, destroying and confiscating peoples, produce, beating vendors and driving them off the streets.

In this case the BRICOR came to remove the vendors who gather at weekends to sell to members of a local church, using sticks and armed with automatic weapons.

The police were possibly called by the Pastor of the church by which time hundreds of camp residents and church members had gathered on the street in protest against the shootings and beatings. The police tried to disperse the crowd many of whom responded by throwing stones at the police after which they used tear gas to disperse the residents.

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Members of Chanjem Leson and CHAL, two action groups based in the camps, went with family members to make a formal complaint to the Mayor of Delmas, Wilson Jeudy.

UPDATE to follow

The mayor of Delmas has said he will pay for the funeral, and pay the children’s school fees and give the father a job – Shameful, the poor are disposable, Haiti, USA, Nigeria, there IS NO JUSTICE