On Monday 2nd February public transport in Haiti came to an almost standstill with a nationwide strike.   The strike was a protest against the government of Michel Martelly and his failure to manage fuel prices which, unlike in other parts of the world have been steadily rising.   To date the unions had not passed on the fuel price rise on most routes but this may not continue.

However the strike will not continue as a deal was made with the government to reduce the price of petrol.   The unions had been calling for a 100 gourde reduction against Martelly’s offer of 15 gde.   Yesterday the unions agreed for 20 gds which is less than 25% of their original amount.  Many people are disappointed with the deal  but it is now an internal matter within the unions and driver associations to decide on what next.

Parliament was dissolved on the 12th January and presently Martelly is ruling by decree as some 5000 officials wait for an election date.

Photos from Delmas and Gerald Bataille by JC Merisma